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For me, each painting is a love song or poem dedicated to creation, establishing the rule of love in me and in everything, it is being able to be free in a simple way, it is reaching God.

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Arts and fashion studios - Chardon Savard workshop and Chamber of Haute Couture, Paris.

Drawing courses - School of Fine Arts, Paris.

Art Studies - Fine Arts Students League, New York.

Educator in Health Ayurveda and Psychology with Laura Gutman's method of Human Biography.

Graduated as Master in Family Constellations - Open Center, New York

Constellation Studies with an emphasis on Sacred Geometry, Bogota, Colombia

Music Therapy Studies - Open Center, New York.

Yoga and meditation studios - Bihar yoga school of Master Satyananda, India and Australia.

Cooking Studies with an emphasis on vegan and vegetarian cuisine - Academy of gastronomy Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Philosophy Studies - School of Philosophy, New York

Landscaping and bioconstruction studio - Organismo School in Tenjo, Colombia.

Doula studies of life and death

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