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About my work

Art is a call to give light! In my case, I would say that in my life experience, I dedicate all my energy to that: It is important to live and leave the legacy that every day is heaven on earth. 

The miracle that is sometimes forgotten every day is my feeling. Rescuing the miracle of each moment of life and collaborating so that life becomes a home of light, familiarity, the union of the tender and the sweet of life is what my art is destined to be. That despite the changes of life, we can live it with a living spirit, aware of them and grateful for them, always keeping us in an awakening of peace day by day. They are profound works that are in contact with the unconscious, subconscious and conscious. I also touch the shadows, of parts of great confusion when one loses consciousness but it is always a hand that is never left behind if conscience is not always honored.

They are seals of light or totems, they are from the cosmos and they vibrate achieving transformations in each space they find, they enlarge our consciousness to infinity, they have aura, soul and spirit.
They are houses, cars, streets, mountains, birds, dimensions, it is what you also want to see.

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